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Jefferson Productions produced hundreds of spots over its 25 years in the commercial business. We included a few samples on our “Making Commercials” pages."



The Jeffcaster Snippets

Aug. 29, 1983

What a Difference a Beard Makes!

James K. Flynn, then and nowWhen you get used to someone with a beard, they just don't look right without it. James K. Flynn, WBT Radio's production director recently shaved his beard off for a role in the CBS Television mini-series, "Chiefs." Pictured above is the way Jim looked in a 1981 photo. On the right is Jim with his chin more or less shorn of its locks. For those who prefer Jim with the beard, he's growing it back.

Oct. 3, 1983

Newsman Displays Cartoon Talent

John Carter

If John Carter ever decides to give up TV news reporting, he could find a niche as a cartoonist. Those make a point of perusing the TV News bulletin board have seen John's work on display, and he gave us permission to share this strip with Jeffcaster readers.

John began drawing cartoons in high school. He likes to sketch friends and co-workers, and says there's no shortage of subjects. "Life is so crazy in the newsroom," he says, it's not hard to come up with ideas."


John says it takes at least three hours to do a strip. While he plainly enjoys cartooning, John has no plans to pursue it professionally. "It would take the fun out if I had to do it every day," he remarks. But John has agreed to share some more of his hobby with us, and you can look for more cartoons in future issues of Jeffcaster.

Oct. 24, 1983

Cleaning Up

Paul Ingles, left, and Pete SullivanWBT Sports Director Paul Ingles (left) and morning personality Pete Sullivan lend a hand in the Presbyterian Hospital laundry, following lunch with members of the laundry staff. The laundry workers had won a "Picnic with Pete" by sending Pete an invitation hand-written on a hospital washcloth. "Picnic" is a contest in which a different group of workers is chosen each week to enjoy box lunches personally delivered by Pete and his morning show cohorts. Photo courtesy of Henry Bostic, Presbyterian Hospital.


Need Training? Check Out Company Programs

The sales staffs of KIMN and KYGO are taking a day off from calling on clients today to attend a day-long seminar on sales effectiveness. Next month, Bob Denny and Bill Booth of WBT/WBCY Engineering will attend a satellite communications symposium in Atlanta. Dick Parrish and Bruce Hirsh of WGBS/WLYF are taking a Heathkit/Zenith self-study course in electronics. Ford Markle of JPDS is studying computer programming at Central Piedmont Community College. And for all of this, the company is paying the tab.

David TuckerThese are just four examples of training for Jefferson-Pilot Broadcasting employees provided through the company training department. To keep its employees abreast of new technology, to polish existing skills and increase effectiveness, the company offers a wide assortment of educational opportunities. "We do everything from self-study courses to bringing in noted consultants for management teams," says David Tucker, manager of training and development.


Getting It Together

Carolyn LomaXEverything seems to come in three-ring binders these days—operating plans, strategic plans, budgets, employee manuals—the list could go on. But have you ever stopped to think how all those books get put together? Here's one way. Carol Lomax of Corporate Research assembles dividers for a strategic plan notebook on the biggest work surface she has—the floor of her office. Now that's what they call getting down to business.

Oct. 31, 1983

Catherine Chapin Joining WBTV News

Charlotte Observer columnist Catherine Chapin, already a familiar voice to the Charlotte-area radio and TV audience, has decided to be a fulltime broadcaster. She will join the staff of WBTV News on November 14.

For almost two years, Catherine has been airing her movie reviews on WBT Radio's morning program, hosted by Pete Sullivan. She has also produced a weekly feature for Top o' the Day on WBTV. WBT Program Director Dave Bishop says Catherine will continue her movie reviews on the radio after joining WBTV. Announcing Catherine's move, WBTV Operations Manager and Acting News Director John Hutchinson said, "Catherine offers community-wide contacts and a solid background of journalism to move into this developmental position in the newsroom."

Catherine has degrees in journalism and political science. She covered a variety of hard news beats and edited the regional edition of the Tampa Tribune before coming to the Observer in 1977.

At WBTV, Catherine will handle both general news and feature assignments.


Brock Moves to TV

Tom Brock


Tom Brock has joined the WBTV staff as a promotion specialist. He was formerly with WBT/WBCY Radio as a radio creative assistant.



New Faces


Amanda Breeden comes to WBTV as a local sales assistant. She was formerly with Bob Larson Ministries in Denver, Colorado, where she was media director.


Frances Coleman is a new administrative assistant at JPDS. For the past 12 years, she has been with WKBN Broadcasting Corporation in Youngstown, Ohio, where her most recent duties were in bookkeeping.


Bill Bryant has joined the JPDS Micro-Products marketing team. He was formerly with WAMZ Radio in Louisville, Kentucky, and will continue to work out of Louisville.


Darcus Whitley has joined WBT/ WBCY as a creative assistant. She comes to us from L. P. Muller and Co. of Charlotte, and has formerly worked for WATA Radio in Boone, N. C.

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