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Our radio reporters traditionally wore fedoras while on duty. During undercover work, they removed their press credentials from the hat band.

Depts | WBT News Team

Scott White, Abbot Barclay, Cleo Crowder,
Paul Randall Dickerson, Delores Kilgo, Cecily Newton

WBT News has been recognized by the Radio-Television News Directors Association of the Caroiinas (RTNDAC) for excellence in two categories for the year 1980:

(1) Best Newscast—The Association's most prestigious award! It recognizes the efforts of a news team in putting together the finished product. This was the 7:00 A.M. News on WBT of September 9, 1980, anchored by Scott White, news director. It contained a number of stories of interest and importance to the Charlotte area, including plans for First Ward redevelopment, the gubernatorial debate, controversy over a police chaplain.

(2) Assigned News-This recognized the excellent coverage of the 1980 Republican National Convention by WBT. WBT made the decision to cover the Republican National Convention, not because there was any mystery about who would be nominated for President, but because of the sure role that the North Carolina delegation, and especially Senator Jesse Helms, would play at the Detroit gathering. They also sent reporter Bob Bowers to Detroit with members of the delegation. He lived with them in their motel and spent countless hours doing interviews, listening for undercurrents, and finally reporting the failure of the Helms conservatives to prevent George Bush from winning the nomination.

The entry which won this award contained both the reports fed back from Detroit on the North Carolina Delegation and the efforts of Senator Jesse Helms to be nominated for Vice-President, and morning drive newscasts which were augmented by feeds from ABC.

Scott White, news director from WBT said, "WBT was the only Charlotte area station, radio or TV, honored by the RTNDAC this year. We take a great deal of pride in our efforts, and it is very gratifying to have them recognized in this way. This is why we feel quite justified in billing ourselves as the 'Carolinas' Number One News Team'."

Billboard: Drive Home with Bill Curry - WBT Radio 11

A billboad from the '60s, before the station realized "eleven-ten" had more musical marketing possibilities than "eleven."