Excerpted from a letter to WBCY's John Boy and Billy:

"I find it very hard to believe that somewhere in the USA there is a radio station that can boast two disc jockeys who are as funny as you, who can in fact be funny without digging for the scum, trash, and more base things that are so prevalent on most major radio stations."

The Jeffcaster,
August 8, 1983


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Over 20 years have passed since Hurricane Hugo kicked our butts, but we have James K. Flynn's magnum opus to remind us what a chaotic time it was. WBT was a credit to the broadcasting industry during those weeks in late 1989, going all out to keep the community accurately informed. For some detail and observations about WBT's role during Hugo, click over to Jame K.'s article "Ol' Hugo Was A'messin'."

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A Day in the Life of WBT

Starting with Russell and Flynn on the Morning Show, then H.A. Thompson, Mike Collins, John Kilgo, Henry Boggan and all the news and weathercasters in between, here's a montage of the voices of WBT heard that day in 1989.

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Names and More Names

We don't know why this was made or exactly when, but Ty Boyd and someone we can't identify speak the names of many former WBT staffers, then lists the names of current staff members.

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WBCY Hires First News Director

WBCY Radio now has its own news director. Scott Kilgore, former assistant news director at WIS Radio in Columbia, SC, began work last Monday in the newly-created position.


Scott is a native of Kansas City. He studied journalism at the University of Missouri and business admini-stration at the University of South Carolina. Before coming to WIS, Scott was a reporter and anchor at KMBZ in Kansas City. He also worked for two and one half years at WJR in Detroit.

Since it began programming separately from WBT in the late 1960's, WBCY has shared a joint news operation with its AM sister station.

Bob Kaghan, WBCY program director, says the hiring of its own news director signifies the station's strong commitment to news as part of its programming. The expansion of the news staff will also enable the station to extend its schedule of newscasts into the afternoon drivetim e period.
WBCY News will share facilities and work closely with WBT News, but the two departments will be administratively separately.

The Jeffcaster,
October 17, 1983