Jefferson Productions produced hundreds of spots over its 25 years in the commercial business. We included a few samples on our “Making Commercials” pages."




The Jeffcaster Snippets

Jan. 19, 1981

Jack S. Dula of WBCY, is a senior of Charlotte's Johnson C. Smith University and has been named to the Alpha Chi Honor Society, the National Dean's List, Who's Who in American Colleges, and has been noted as a National Outstanding Student!! Jack also carries a 3.83 grade point average. WOW! Congratulations, Jack!


Hemrick Runs in Charlotte Marathon

After hours and hours of hard training, Chuck Hemrick of WBTV News ran in the 26-mile Charlotte Observer Marathon on Saturday, January 3rd. His running time was 3 hours, 52 minutes and 15 seconds—35 minutes faster than last year! Congratulations, Chuck!


George Donates Painting to Station

George LeCroy of WBTV Engineering was recently given a major project to tackle. Knowing that he was also a fine artist, George was asked to turn a tiny; crazy-shaped room into a professional and modern control room. After hearing input from others around WBTV who would be using the room, George came up with beautiful but functional design.

Following completion of the room, George donated one of his own paintings to be placed in this newly designed control room. He had painted this picture during an art workshop in Wild Acres near Little Switzerland on North Carolina's Blue Ridge Parkway. We congratulate George on a terrific job!

In photo George LeCroy (left) presents painting to George Reynolds, WBTV technical operations manager.


Promotions For Three WBTV Personnel


Quay Sistare has been named to the position of production operations supervisor for WBTV. In his expanded role, Quay will handle sales support for bidding, booking, and billing of agency productions, coordinate WBTV's special projects such as remotes and studio improvements, as well as supervise and schedule production facilities.

RonRon Shuping has been named to the position of production administration supervisor. In his new role, Ron will be responsible for hiring and developing WBTV's production and projection staff. Ron joined WBTV in 1976 as a creative director and for the past year and a half has produced WBTV's noon magazine show, "Top 0' the Day." Prior to coming to WBTV, Ron established and developed the television department for the N.C. School for the Deaf in Morganton. His background of production and personnel development will be well utilized in this new position.

Lynn Morris
has been named a creative director for WBTV. Lynn moved to Creative Services from WBCY as a creative assistant in 1979. Since that time she has produced numerous commercials and most recently co-produced the 1981 Blood Give-In.



WBTV Studio One Redesign Project Underway

WBTV's Studio One is in the final stages of a major face-lift, a project obvious to anyone who has walked through the area.

The purpose of the physical revamping is to most effectively use the studio for our major daily broadcasts—This Morning, Top O' The Day and WBTV News. The construction project, co-ordinated by Quay Sistare, involves moving the kitchen set, and building new set construction for Top O' The Day and WBTV News. It's a big project requiring involvement of most WBTV departments in planning and execution.

These setting changes for our daily live local programming will be complemented by an addition of a computerized lighting controller for the studio and digital video effects in the control room. The DVE system will enable directors to squeeze, expand, position, page and solarize the picture from any graphic, tape or remote live source. One major application of this new technology will be insertion of updated graphics into our news blocks without the flatness problems of chroma key.

Other production packaging elements will be added to enhance the presentation of WBTV News.

While the transition to these new visual tools is requiring some reshuffling of air work to Studio Two, the construction and equipment installation should enable WBTV to project a progressive 1981 presentation image.

A full report on the implementation of this major project will be seen in next week's Jeffcaster. We also hope to have some photographs of this modern and creative studio. —John Hutchinson

May 4, 1981


Paul Cameron begins work today as anchor for WBTV's sports broadcasts at 6 and 11. Formerly sports director of WJXT in Jacksonville, Florida, Paul won an emmy for his broadcasts of Jacksonville Dolphin basketball games and was nominated for an emmy for a Tampa Bay Bucs special program. He has done Sun Belt Basketball Conference colorcasts, and has hosted the "Charlie Pell Football Highlights Show" syndicated nationally. His wife is Jan.

Todd Pankoff
, award-winning producer from WWBT in Richmond, is now executive producer of PM Magazine. Todd, who joined the company five years ago, has been—since 1978 producer/director for WWBT's children's show, "Jack in the Jukebox", which won coveted Iris awards in 1978 and 1979. He has been producer/director for commercials, programming and community affairs events. In 1978, he became the station's community affairs director.

Fred Story
, former program director at WRJZ in Knoxville, hosts the 3-7 pm drivetime program on WBCY. He's both an outstanding air talent and production man. With his arrival, Mike Edwards has taken over the 7-midnight shift on WBCY.

Former news and program director at WCGC-AM in Belmont, Montressa Barbee, is the new administrative assistant in WBT programming. She received a broadcasting degree from UNC-Greensboro.

May 18, 1981

C. J. Features "The Briarhoppers" on "Carolina Camera"

In what is guaranteed to be one of the more entertaining bits yet, C.J. Underwood will highlight "The Briarhoppers" on his "Carolina Camera" feature Monday, May 25, during the hour-long newscast on Channel 3.

C.J. caught up with the fast-moving Briarhoppers at Selwyn Elementary School, where "Fiddlin' Hank" (our own Hank Warren) and the group left the children spellbound.

"I have never seen anything like the response from these kids," says C.J. "They were completely turned on; they just ate it up—which proves that music is the common bond between generations."

The Briarhoppers: l to r, Hank Warren, Arvil Hogan, Don White, Roy Grant

C.J.'s TV First

C. J. UnderwoodC.J. also scored something of a television "first"—disclosing the real names of Hank, Don, Hogan and Whitey for the first time on the air. Hank is Garnett Benton Warren, the fiddler; Don White is Walden Whitesell, the bass player; the mandolin player is Arvil Albert Hogan; and Whitey, the guitar player, is Roy Grant. Shannon Grayson, the banjo player, was not present during this event.

The Briarhoppers, who "owned" Carolinas' radio in the 1940's, were closely identified with the announcer who brought them on each day. The announcer's name? Charles H. Crutchfield, then known as "Charlie Briarhopper." It was Crutchfield who gave the group its name. It happened this way: While Crutchfield and a fellow announcer were out hunting one day, the announcer asked: "Did you see that rabbit hopping into those briars?" That spawned "Briarhoppers" in Crutchfield's mind, and so he affixed the name to the group.

Significantly, "The Briarhoppers"Hank, Don, Hogan and Whitey—have been performing together since 1940 ... when the grandparents of some of today's elementary pupils were themselves in grade school.For a fascinating look and listen, tune in "Carolina Camera" Monday, June 25, on WBTV.


Larry Shuford

Meet Larry Shuford, WBTV production specialist. Larry reported for work on Monday, May 4. He is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Radio, TV and Motion Pictures. Larry's most recent employment has been with the Hickory City Schools TV Center in Production.

Aug. 3, 1981

Chuck Wins Big in Track Meet

Chuck Hemrick on track

WBTV Western Bureau photographer, Chuck Hemrick, spent part of his vacation participating in a track meet in Boone, North Carolina on July 2nd. Chuck scored a personal record in the 5,000 meter event (3.1 miles) by completing it in 21 minutes and 55 seconds.
Another first occurred for Chuck when he participated in the "PredictA-Mile" meet. Chuck predicted he could run the four laps of the quarter-mile track at Conrad Stadium at Appalachian State University, in just 7 minutes and 45 seconds and he did just that! Chuck was awarded his first blue ribbon ever for his accurate prediction. (Believe it or not, Chuck was not allowed to wear his stop watch during that event, but hit his time exactly anyway!) The track meet was sponsored by the Watauga County Recreation Department. Congratulations, Chuck!

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