The majestic tower as photographed in 1949. The towers of today are less impressive. They look like spikes in the ground.

One of a Kind | Spencer Mountain Today

We received this note and photos from reader Scott Weaver on August 15, 2010

“Concerning the photo of the Spencer Mountain tower on the left sidebar of the George Reynolds photo collections: The photo had to be of the tower during construction [in the 1940's]—as the tower is still in place (though "flat-topped") and used by a variety of equipment. Gaston County government, NOAA weather, some commercial broadcast users, and several amateur radio stations (along with others I may not be aware of) all have equipment on the mountain and still use the tower.

“I am an amateur radio operator who helps maintain some of the ham radio equipment on Spencer Mountain .

“Though not a present or former WBT/V employee, I really enjoy the BT Memories website. My trips to the old Spencer Mountain site to help maintain the amateur radio equipment are always enjoyable—though the building is in the expected condition for an 'abandoned' but used location, the walls just ooze with unspoken history. It is an amazing place!”

—Scott Weaver