Was this the Spencer Mountain tower's beginning or the end? Likely the end, when WBTV built a new "tall tower" north of Gastonia in the late '80s.

Galleries | George Reynolds' Collection

  • Studio 2 - Bleachers folded up at right
  • George Reynolds (left) and Ralph Painter, the "boss" at the TV transmitter
  • Wally Gosnell in the "new" Master Control
  • The "new" tape room (before 1-inch tape became prevalent)
  • Corner of Studio 2
  • A new production truck being configured
  • The "film room" with two "chains" - slide drums at right
  • News set with Clyde McLean, John Wilson and Doug Mayes
  • Betty Feezor
  • Building's exterior in the '70s
  • Two-inch videotape recorders (with Editec!)
  • A large room at the Spencer Mtn transmitter site was often used for meetings and family events
  • George Reynolds at a 3/4-inch videotape editing bay
  • The Spencer Mountain tower and transmitter building
  • A studio control room
  • Another view of master control. Engineer Jud Gregory at right. That may be Clif Livingston in background.
  • A weather set on a "hard cyc." For Top o' the Day?
  • Whoever knows where all these wires go can keep his job a while longer.
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