In the early 1920s your great-grandparents may have listened to WBT on a rig like this. Radio was still a hobby mainly for the curious and technically adept.

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Men At Work

In their first year at WBT, 1961, Ty Boyd (center) and Bill Curry (right) spend part of an August day talking to prominent citizens of some unidentified town. Ty had recently come from WCHL, Chapel Hill, to replace the retiring Grady Cole. Bill came from WIS, Columbia, and took over the 1:00-3:00pm shift. At that time, the afternoon drive time DJ was Alan Newcomb. The little "mobile studio" was a familiar sight throughout our listening area.

(In what town was Travis Bell Photography located in 1961? Today there's a similarly-named photographer in Columbia, SC.)

A couple of readers set us straight on the town Ty and Bill were visiting. Read these two Readers' Comments.

Photo courtesy H. A. Thompson