In the early 1920s your great-grandparents may have listened to WBT on a rig like this. Radio was still a hobby mainly for the curious and technically adept.

One of a Kind | Staff Photo

On Dedication Day of the new headquarters off W. Morehead Street, April 13, 1955, the broadcasting company staff assembled in the parking lot for a "class photo." It was shot from the roof, most likely by Hank Warren.

In fact, there was an entire Dedication Week, as detailed in this news article. It was a big deal, for the stations and the city.

Click on the groups below for a closer look. Point at the face of each individual for his/her ID. Some are unidentified.

Bill Melson Tom Cookerly Wally Jorgenson Al Munn Virgil Evans
Bill Melson Wally Jorgenson Jenny Patterson Paul Marion Thelma Haigler Tom Cookerly Al Munn Virgil Evans Jenny Patterson Paul Marion
Fred Kirby Fletcher Austin Jim Patterson Pat Patterson Jim Patterson Hershel Wooten Pat Patterson Margie Miller Janette Couch Shirley Moss Shirley Moss
Dallas Robbins John Dillon Jack Burney Bob Smith Rex Hosaflook Jack Burney Harold "Whitey" Huss Bob carter Gil Stamper Bill Hefner Buddy Parker David Reese Dallas Robbins Bob Smith Parks Rhinehart Don McDaniel Buddy Parker David Reese
Ned Burgess Ned Burgess Dan Givan Virgil Torrence Mark Roskovitch Bob Carroll Dan Givan Mark Roskovitch Bob Carroll Doug McDaniel Gene Birke Susie McIntyre Sam Zurich Doug McDaniel Susie McIntyre Betty Feezor Dolores Hinson Dolores Hinson Chase Idol

Robert Covington Robert Covington Ken Spicer Charles H. Crutchfield Tom Howard Ken Tredwell Ken Tredwell

Bill Cook Frank Bateman Bob Dycus Clif Livingston Ralph Painter Lucille Kirkland Bob Dycus Frank Bateman Bill Cook Lucille Kirkland Jack Knell Coleen "Fuzzy" Prevatte Clarence Etters J. B. Clark Wade St. Clair J. B. Clark Clarence Etters Colleen "Fuzzy" Prevatte Jack Knell
Lacy Sellers Dot McDonald Dot McDonald Fred Griffin Phyllis Safret


Grady Cole Major Minor Jim Davis Katie Gurley Frank Brown Tom Callahan Jim Davis Tommy Stutts Lee Jenkins Andy Anderson Andy Anderson Jay Torrence Jay Torrence George Adams George Adams

Photo courtesy Doug McDaniel