In the early 1920s your great-grandparents may have listened to WBT on a rig like this. Radio was still a hobby mainly for the curious and technically adept.

One of a Kind | Big Blast

April 1967 - Celebrating WBT's 45th anniversary

From left: Barbara Wilson, Dana Rhyne, Charlie Crutchfield, Vivian Christenbury, Charlotte Observer columnist Kayes Gary, Jean Crocker, Don McDaniel, Wally Jorgensen, Elaine Warner.

The Pine Terrace, the corporate cafeteria, was the site of many a happy gathering. Something was always being celebrated: a big, new advertiser contract, a great ratings book, an award for some accomplishment. Of course, most of these festivities were held after 5:00, so bottles of spirits would sometimes magically appear, and not everyone would get home on time.

Photo courtesy Barbara Wilson Conrad