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Reunions | July 2004

On July 26, 2004, a contingent of about 50 of us met for lunch at Guytano's, a Charlotte restaurant of some renown. Old BT folks came from far and wide, mostly wide. Many had not seen each other in over 30 years, but it was as if we'd never been apart. We mingled, hugged, laughed, and hugged some more. With all the catching up to do, no one remembers what he ate.

The affable Doug Mayes, Dean of All Broadcasters Everywhere (DABE), took the floor and regaled us with lots of stories about yesteryear, several of which were new. Others joined in, including Tom Matthews, Gene Birke, Bud Coggins and Sam Fuller. Coggins' and Fuller's stories were complete lies, of course. Remember, these are salesmen.

Some people never change. It's as if Anna Rufty was suspended in amber around 1970. Frances Harkey hasn't changed a lick. Larry Daniel still looks about 18 years old. Don McDaniel still closely resembles his twin brother Doug and vice versa. Henry Boggan looks more like himself than ever before.

Around two o'clock our coaches began turning into pumpkins, and we had to part. Fuzzy Walker hurried back to all her young men at the Mayport Naval Station in Florida (the fleet's in). Doug Mayes motored back to his palatial digs on Lake Norman. John Reichard flew back to his beach combing job along the Gulf Coast. Coggins returned to lie in state in the WRAL-TV lobby, where generations of school children will, in the years ahead, file past his crypt. The rest of us resumed our mundane lives, eking out a living, making ends meet, bouncing checks, robbing convenience stores. It was a day we'll long remember.

We've captured some of the moments in these amazing photos. For your viewing enjoyment, many are in focus.

  • Cullie Tarleton
  • Doug Mayes
  • Jim Scancarelli
  • Frances Harkey
  • John Reichard
  • Mark DeCastrique
  • Betty Crocker
  • Henry Boggan
  • Larry Rouse
  • Johnny Edwards
  • Fuzzy Walker
  • Barbara Conrad
  • Peggy Van Dyke
  • Paul Quinn
  • Virgil Torrence & John Reichard
  • Tom Matthews
  • Virgil Torrence
  • Bill Ballard
  • Susan Cody & Robert Rogers
  • Barbara Connell & Henry Boggan
  • Bill Napier
  • Fuzzy Walker
  • Janet Deaton Daniel
  • Jan Thompson
  • Lovell Waugh & Peggy Van Dyke
  • Ann Birke
  • Bob Newcomb
  • John Hutchinson & Gene Birke
  • Sam Fuller & Bud Coggins
  • Doug McDaniel
  • Mark Conrad
  • Donna (Mrs. Don) McDaniel
  • Gary Gummerson
  • Anna Rufty
  • John Reichard
  • Vivian Harris
  • Vivian Harris, John Burchett & Anna Rufty
  • Larry Daniel
  • Bill Napier
  • A roomful of old timers
  • Don McDaniel
  • Doug McDaniel
  • Part of the assembled multitudes
  • Vivian Harris
  • Bob Newcomb
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