Jerry Wilson

Jerry Wilson, a multiple-threat man for Jefferson Productions. Camera-man, director and editor, to name just a few of his talents. He left in the early '80s to start his own company in Atlanta.

Our crews were often on the road. These are photos from a few of longer ones on which Jerry took part, and a few in the studio.

Galleries | Jerry Wilson's Road Trips

  • Bill Cosby
    Cosby poses at an old structure at the Disney Ranch in California.
  • Jerry & Bill Cosby
    When Kenyon & Eckhardt, New York, had the Ford account, Cosby spent a lot of time with Jefferson folks, in studio and on location.
  • A Ford shoot at the Disney Ranch.
    Jerry's on the crane, with K&E and Ford Motor Co. people on the ground.
  • Jerry on crane
    Hurry up and wait. Today they're shooting Cosby delivering lines (the Tele-Prompter is mounted on the camera).
  • Setting up a shot.
    Ford shoot. Clockwise: Tony Johnson, Elmer Hilker, Andy Doyle (K&E), Wayne Upchurch, Howie Staben (K&E), Jerry. The person to the left in the background appears to be Jan Thompson. This was February, 1977 at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.
  • "Cosby" about to drive away.
    That's Cosby's body double (Lionel Norman) in the car.
  • Another scene in Red Rock Canyon.
    That's Lionel Norman on the ramp getting directions.
  • The take.
    "Cosby" (actually Lionel) drives the Ford off the truck.
  • Lionel Norman in a 12-gallon hat.
    Lionel not only was a good double but he did a pretty good imitation of Cosby's voice and expressions. Near Kingman, Arizona.
  • Andy Doyle of Kenyon & Eckhardt and a bearded Jerry Wilson.
    In Kingman, Arizona.
  • Jerry Wilson in a chopper.
    Grandfather Mountain Shoot (Tyler mount in a Hughes 500, very dangerous) for Oral Roberts TV Special
  • A Shoot for Quaker State
    At Charlotte Motor Speedway. Bob Newcomb manned the camera about two feet away from the path of the high performance Jaguar, going over 200 mph. We all prayed that JP's insurance premiums were up to date. That's Kelly Muse leaning in at left; at right is Jerry, Billy Patete and Bob Newcomb.
  • Joe Campanella
    Remember him as a featured performer on Mannix and dozens of other shows? In the '70s he was the spokesman for NAPA (National Auto Parts Association). And it just so happened that, for several years, the agency that handled NAPA's advertising was Matthews, Cremins & McLean, headquartered in Charlotte.
  • At the airport
    Departing one of the many cities on a long NAPA shoot. They included Charlotte, to Florence, SC, to Chicago, to Portland, Maine, to San Antonio, to Bixby Bridge at Big Sur, Calif., to Beech Mountain, NC, to Charlotte.
  • Down time
    A western rancher invites the crew to a party. Meeting new people is one of the perks of being in a production team on the road.
  • Jerry Wilson and Director Norman Prevatte
    On the road again
  • In Big Sur, California
    The truck is the star in this shot showing that NAPA stores and products are nationwide.
  • It's a wrap...
    The end of a NAPA studio shoot. From left: Tony Johnson, ???, Ken Helms, Stan Cecil, Carol Reinbold, Joe Campanella, Jo Cross, Bill Burt, John Pace (holding child), Jerry Wilson, Rick Pressley
  • Jerry, set decorator
    On the "back lot," setting up a product shot for Marzetti Salad Dressing.
  • A studio set.
    Floyd Grass and Jerry Wilson in rear. Local actresses on bed. Dreaher Sausage film shoot at Pressley Rd. studio
  • Jerry (behind camera) and Virgil Torrence
    The standard procedure for shooting inside a business was to do it outside of business hours, or pay them to close it down for a day.
  • Bob Newcomb, Jacque Yeager & Jerry
    In the offices of the Miller Publishing Co., Minneapolis, Minn. It was a weeklong shoot, mostly on pig farms in northern Iowa. We had to burn our clothes.
  • Reno Bailey, John McCorkle & Jerry
    At the Minneapolis airport. The best part of that grueling week on the road was NOT missing the flight home to Mama 'n 'em.
  • Jerry in studio
    A "locked off" shot.
  • Jerry & Director/Cameraman Robert Rogers
    Among his other talents, Jerry sometimes served as a human dolly.
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