Arthur Smith and Wayne Haas between takes during a shoot on the USS North Carolina. The show would go on location a couple of times a year.

Galleries | Through the Years at JP

  • A Jim Scancarelli set for the Grandpa Jones Show
  • Terry Decarlis making dubs in the tape room
  • Arthur & The Crackerjacks on taping day
  • Don McDaniel & Ken Helms (foreground) assembling a show
  • John McCorkle & Ken Helms in the tape room
  • Ken Helms awash in a sea of throw-away tape
  • Ted Hogan adjusts lighting on a commercial shoot
  • Ken hits rewind on all three machines
  • Billy Patete checking a setup. Clint Pressley in background.
  • Jan Thompson (left) in control room
  • Engineer Tony Singleton sets up camera
  • Terry DeCarlis mans the mike boom on studio set
  • Darcy Bowman recording sound on location
  • Ken Helms & Emerson Lawson (right) in edit session with clients.
  • The "genny," the camera, the lights - all on a boat
  • Setting up for a Smith show taping in the high country
  • Gil Caldwell all ashiver. Tommy Faile at right
  • At Charlotte Motor Speedway for ABC-TV
  • Getting a high-angle shot for a Putt-Putt tournament
  • Viewing playback.  Kaye Murray, Ken Helms, Jim Rogers, Arthur, Ed Wade
  • Editing a commercial. Don McDaniel, Jim Davis, Wall Gosnell at right
  • The Smith show went everywhere. On the USS North Carolina
  • Audio man Wally Gosnell in the truck during a production
  • Singer Maggie Griffin scales the heights at Grandfather Mountain
  • JP shot in all kinds of weather, even man-made weather
  • Jim Rogers, producer, and Ken Helms in the tape truck
  • Clint Pressley (left) and Doug McDaniel shooting "out our back door"
  • Mr. Crutchfield and JP head John Dillon at a lunchtime celebration
  • Norman Prevatte, Jim Rogers & Reg Dunlap with JP cameras
  • Crewman Dick Hess on an early Tweetsie shoot
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