WBTV's First Color Camera


This eight-page WBT newsletter published in February, 1943, mostly had news of staff members who had gone off to the military. Some familiar names mentioned are Charles Crutchfield, Grady Cole, Jack Knell, Sandy Becker (who went on to fame acting in a network soap opera--was it Young Dr. Malone?), Larry Walker, Claude Casey, Cecil Campbell, Don White, and Jack Phipps. (Didn't Jack, in later years, work in the editorial department?) And there's a brief mention of a young CBS executive, Frank Stanton, who came to work at WBT for "the duration." Stanton later became CBS CEO William Paley's right-hand man.

So, nostalgicize awhile. Remember, this is even before Gene Birke and the McDaniel brothers went to work for the company, if your mind can carry you back that far.

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Newsletter from Jim Scancarelli collection.

Jay Torrence (left) and Charles Crutchfield conferring at the main entrance as they await the arrival of the motorcade of Julie Nixon, daughter of then President Nixon.