As a baggy-pants clown, Hank would do anything for a laugh. When not upside down, he could play a mean fiddle.





People | Garnett B. “Hank” Warren


Most of us knew him as the company's still photographer. This early photo suggests he was a serious violinist.

Others remember him as the goofy-looking "Fiddlin' Hank" of the Briarhoppers in the 1930s, '40s and early '50s.

Offstage Hank actually was a quiet, humble, kind man, eager to be helpful in every way he could. With his cameras and darkroom, he documented the people and events at the Company.

Although the Briarhoppers “retired” in the late 1950s, Hank played with the group in occasional appearances for the next 40 years. Here's a 1996 photo of some of the earliest members of the band.

From left, that's Hank, Roy “Whitey” Grant, Don White (in front), Shannon Grayson and Orvel Hogan.

From the Jim Scancarelli collection.