One of many promotional billboards that in the 60's graced the highways and byways of the Queen City, each promoting a WBT personality. Pauley had one too.


People | Bill Curry & Rich Pauley

Profiles from Mikeside's issue of Feb/Mar 1968

"Speak humorously and carry a big voice" could well be the motto of WBT's Bill Curry. The slight announcer with the rich, resonant voice is heard Monday through Friday from 3:10 until 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 1:15 through 6:00 p.m. on Radio 11.

Curry is basically a jazz buff but serves a variety of soft music to his listening audience. A fertile imagination is responsible for the popular Curry wit, which together with his "Flat Friends" makes him a big hit with his listening audience.

Bill's initiation in the broadcasting field came as a result of a dare from his sweetheart. While a senior at York, South Carolina, High School, young Mr. Curry was persuaded by his girl to enter an announcing contest. To his surprise, he won and was offered a weekend job at WTYC in Rock Hill.

The town where he got his start still calls on Bill's talents at its "Come-See-Me" day which is held every year. The seventh annual event was considered a whopping success this year due largely to Bill's efforts.

Functioning both as a member of the Board of Directors and as Master-of-Ceremonies, Curry was lauded for his part in the occasion by Chairman John A. Gill. Mr. Gill, with kind words for WBT's role in the festivities, writes in a letter to Bill: "'Come-See-Me' 1967 broke all records for attendance. This is due primarily to the excellent cooperation and unselfish attitude of the officers and staff of Radio Station WBT... We sincerely appreciate the Jefferson Standard Broadcasting System donating the money and talent to the promotion of Rock Hill. The staff at WBT seemed to have a genuine interest in public service, not just a job to do ..."

When not engaged in such activities, Bill spends much of leisure with his wife, Julia, and daughters, Michelle and Nicole.

Editor's Note: The following is an article from the January issue of TV-PICTURE LIFE about WBT's Rich Pauley. Rich is a candidate for the magazine's "Radio Star of the Year."

Every weekday afternoon, from 3:00 to 6:00, the people of Charlotte, N. C., give their spirits a boost by tuning in Rich Pauley's show on WBT.

A native of Chicago, Rich made his radio debut in Florida at the age of 18. He attended the University of Florida, then served as a U. S. Marine combat correspondent during the Korean conflict.

Los Angeles became Rich's next home; he served as replacement for Bob Crane on Station KNX (Bob now stars in the series Hogan's Heroes).

Next he moved to Greenville, South Carolina, where he was affiliated with WFBC-TV and radio. And finally Rich made the move to Charlotte and WBT, where he has enriched afternoon listening with his easy patter, humor and good music. He and his charming wife, Marilyn have two daughters and a Rich, Jr.—and a Weimeraner named Schnappsi who's considered a part of the family!

Rich admits he got into broadcasting as an inexperienced teenager through pure bulldoggedness, but he's never regretted his perseverance. And his many listeners couldn't be happier about it either!

Mikeside was a bimonthly newsletter WBT mailed to its list of actual and potential sponsors. Who can explain the contradiction in their air times? Both seem to have the same afternoon air shift.