An Early WBT Microphone

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I am a farm woman...

In 1936, station KFAB in Lincoln, Nebraska, held a contest for the best statement on What Radio Means To Me. It was won by Mrs. F. M. Packwood, of Route 1, Bennet, Neb., and the station's promotion department did a masterful job of creating this little poster.

Before daylight she's mending husking mittens and following the China Clipper, and pauses in her churning... What a wonderful legacy radio has.

For a larger, PDF version click here. It's worth studying the drawing for all its exquisite art deco detail.

1935 Philco radio

Remember? Many were battery operated and you had to run an "aerial" up a pole or stretch it out to the clothesline.But, oh, the joy they brought to our lives!