An Early WBT Microphone

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As late as 1930, radios were referred to as "radio sets."

In this old artifact, a page from a periodical called "What's On The Air" (the TV Guide of its time), we also learn that WBT occupied 1080 kilocycles (278 meters), not 1110.

We also learn the station was an affiliate of the National Broadcasting Company.

As you will see, WBT would "come in" at 38 on the "detector dial." In those days radio listening—or at least finding your favorite station—was complicated. Stations' coverage then was largely unrestricted so there were many to choose from. Some listeners found it fun to tune in to as many far-away stations as they could on the crowded dial.

The main purpose of the booklet was to "double the benefits from your radio set," by telling you what was on each station at a given time. The publisher had applied for a patent on this "program finding service."

Artifact from Jim Scancarelli collection.

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1935 Philco radio

Remember? Many were battery operated and you had to run an "aerial" up a pole or stretch it out to the clothesline.But, oh, the joy they brought to our lives!