An Early WBT microphone


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Jim Scancarelli“I was fortunate, growing up in the 1940s, to have the opportunity of listening to radio shows like Amos ‘n’ Andy, The Lone Ranger, Jack Armstong (the All-American Boy), Dick Tracy, Orphan Annie, Jack Benny and, of course, Gasoline Alley. Little did I realize that years later I would be at the steering wheel of that venerable old comic strip. Indeed, radio molded my life, my values and my sense of humor. Hence, this pen and ink is reminiscent of my ‘friends’ and me, in the family cathedral of radio.”

—Jim Scancarelli

1935 Philco radio

Remember? Many were battery operated and you had to run an "aerial" up a pole or stretch it out to the clothesline.But, oh, the joy they brought to our lives!